Cosmin Olteanu (in Romanian: Cosmin Olteanu, born August 25, 2000, Onesti, Bacau, Romania) is currently the founding president of the Cultural Association ROPAGANISM declared on June 24, 2016, involved in social, political, cultural and reform work.



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Born on August 25, 2000 in Onesti, Bacau County, Romania from mother Viorica Olteanu and father, Olteanu Valeriu, he could not benefit from parental love because he knew what it means to be an orphan from a young age, due to the fact that both parents died within 5 years of the birth of the undersigned.


The childhood of the undersigned was marked by a continuous struggle to stabilize in the family debut as it passed through a generous number of professional maternal assistants employed by Bacau County Social Assistance and Child Protection Department (SACPD BACAU ).
At the same time, the child, Cosmin Olteanu, was educated in several secondary schools in the district of Onesti, taking the capacity examination with an admission note over the collective average, ie 9.65.



In his teenage life, new issues emerged that sexual identity was established by the age of 15, after which he concluded and assumed publicly that he was a homosexual, as well as the search for his beliefs that represented him most well, concluding in 2016 by a public statement that he is pagan.
At the same time, the young man attended in the first phase the courses of the „Blessed Jeremiah” Theological High School in Oneşti, Bacau, on the profile of the intensive English theology, where he better structured religious beliefs, Christian theology, religion history and spirituality , and had a deeper contact with the Catholic world through the Catholic Youth Action and the parochial activity of the soloist and then Corist.

Then, following misunderstandings between the values ​​of Christianity promoted in the theological highschool and the values ​​of paganism, he was forced to leave the capuccine high school courses and to follow the economic courses at the „Petru Poni” Technical College in Onesti, Bacau County.
Due to family problems, the young man moved to Bacau, where he continued his studies at Henri Coanda College, choosing a philology profile and after a struggle with the teachers from that last College which expelled him and after that canceled their expusion decision, he transfer at ”Anghel Saligny” High School.
At the same time he began the Khan USA Academy courses, applying for a graduate homehooling program and on September 26, 2016, he succeeded in becoming a theologist certified by Universal Life Chruch USA, being certified by Rev. Chaplain Br. Martin.


The young man made his professional debut at Bacau County Students Council, the representative structure of pupils at the county level, which was directly subordinated to the National Council of Students and a partner with the Ministry of National Education of Romania, as elected vice-president from November 2016 until February 2017, after which due to confusion and problems related to the involvement of conservative policies and conflicts with the Executive Bureau, he was dismissed.

Then, the young man chose to join a similar structure known as the Bacau Students’ Association, under the president Dragoş Cazan and his team as a member and responsible zone on the Trotuş Valley and Onesti, conducting a contradictory policy with the deviations elected in 2015 in the County Council of Students in Bacau.
The young man was also involved in cultural activities at the „Idea Expression Club” Association in Onesti, Bacău county, led by teacher Mariana Bendou, a Romanian writer in poetry works for youth, where she is web designer on the WordPress web site of the Onesti County CEI and activities in partnership with the Radu Rossetti Municipal Library and the Petru Poni Technical College as a literary commentator and photographer.

At the same time, the difficulties encountered by conservatives against sexual minorities motivated him to become a volunteer and regional representative (Moldova, Romania) in the year 2016 at the Accept Association, where the young person is carrying out information, defense and assistance projects on these sexual minorities.

In December 2017, he became Secretary of the Council of the Institutionalized Youth of the Bacau Branch, where he is engaged in many projects aimed at helping institutionalized young people, and then, following conflicts of interest, he ceases his mandate before the time.




In 2015, the young Olteanu Cosmin founded at the local level the Coven „Dead Cross 666” under the patronage of Joy of Satan Romania, led to the IP. Seruah in the municipality of Onesti, Bacau county.

After having worked for a few months in March 2016, the young man was noticed by public opinion represented by several sites, televisions and newspapers like, PRO TV, BlastingNews Piatra Neamt etc.
They forced the Administration of Joy of Satan Romania to dismiss it and to no longer recognize the authority of the coven with the announcement of Coven insolvency in March 2016.The young man then went through a period of study and meditation of his own values ​​and beliefs and later on 24 June 2016 to declare himself pagan.



In 2017, he was member of Union Save Romania, a Romanian party, were he was trying to modify Law no 272/2004, law of Child from Romania, which doesnt was approved by Parliament.img_4489

After some problems with the USR, he get out and register into Social Democratic Party, were now is an Parlamentary advisor at Cabinet Parlamentar Circumscriptia 42 Bucharest, deputy Florin Manole and an collaborator with senator Miron Smarandache, both of them from Social Democratic Party. His model of politician is Remus Cernea, first romanian politician which fight for rights of LGBTQ+ people and now is collaborating with him of Human Rights politicies.

After the negative response from the Romanian Senate to civil partnerships law we resign from Social Democratic Party and register to PRO ROMANIA Party in 7th April 2019.



On June 24, 2016, Father Cosmin Olteanu decided to establish the first association without juridical personality called the „Sectarian Assembly of Cosminirian Satanism Society from Romania” (abbreviated SACSS Romania) with a regulation and an Administrative Commission with a membership membership of about 180 followers.

After several projects and internal reforms within this association, it has been renamed in the Cultural Association ”Movement of Neopagans from Romania” (abbreviated MNR).

In February 2017, the association returns to the public opinion and gets more positive shades through the mediatization of the dismissal of Mr. Cosmin Olteanu from the position of vice president of the Bacau Student County Council and its connection with the MNR Association initiated by Vice Romania and Radio Romania Iasi, of these events, the association gained a national and little international reputation, increasing to membership of some 1400 associate members.

On September 6, 2017, the young man is invited to participate in the show „The Generation of John”, broadcast on Prahova TV and the Facebook page of the show, where he talked about his work, education and Romanian society.
From 5-7 December, he was invited byConnections Romania Association, Bucharest, at the Connections Romania Association, the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance at University of Bucharest, at a meeting with the students of the faculty where he debated problems related to the faulty approach and optimal on certain aspects of the protection system, as well as issues related to respect for human rights and the lack of professionalism of these disadvantaged young people.
He was awarded as the volunteer of the year in the cultural field on the occasion of the International Volunteer Day, at the UNESCO Cultural Center „NICOLAE BALCESCU” in Bucharest, at the invitation of the Parliamentary Counselor Visinel Balan, together with CTI president Rafaelo Varga participated actively in the debates regarding the modification of the Child Legislation 272 / 2004 in the Parliament of Romania.


In 2016, young Olteanu Cosmin gathered together with a 21-year-old woman for a national project on Sexual Education and Combating LGBT Discrimination in partnership with the Bacau Student County Council, the Association of Students from Bacau, the ACCEPT Association, the Mozaiq Association and the National Council for Combating Discrimination.

Another project destined for pre-university education institutions in the Bacau County Council named „Combating Discrimination in Pre-university Education Institutions” monitored and ended all forms of discrimination existing in the Bacau educational institutions.In June 2017, the undersigned participated in the 2017 European Project called Ruhr Games 2017 in partnership with the Youth Federation of Bacau, the Bacau Students’ Association, the Bacau Local Council and other associations in the German cities of Hamm, Dortmund and Hager where made known the present situation in Romania regarding discrimination, sports legislation, politics and affiliation with the European Union, as well as being formed in these fields by accessing the experience of the participating countries.
In July 2017, Cosmin participated as a trainer and participant in the Tinblog Project in the second edition in partnership with the Romanian Ministry of Youth and Sports, the European Center for Sustainable Strategies, the Youth Federation of Bacau and other


sponsors where he learned and taught to young people about blogging, journalism and marketing but also about its projects and its activities after round-table.

 Together with the European Center for Sustainable Strategies, he hasparticipated in professional training courses in areas such as: PUBLIC SPEAKING, PERSONAL BRANDING, etc.

Also, in the year 2017, he was awarded the idea of ​​an occult shop, SC The Pegasian Pentacles SRL – ex SC PENTAMALL SRL, with the 3rd prize at the Entrepreneurship Fair held at the Benefica Social Center, Bacau, by the European Center for Sustainable Strategies and BARRIER, with which he then ended his collaboration. Now, his idea it was created (The Pegasian Pentacles SHOP). At the beginning of the school year 2017-2018, alongside the ROPAGANISM Association – ex Movement of Neopagans from Romania, institutions of the Romanian state and many NGOs, initiated a series of actions by which it democratised and laced the educational process in Romania.