Snow into Spring

Circle Stamen: Queer Men and Wild Magic

While the general myth is that there’s the most snow in midwinter, in fact the months around Imbolc are often the snowiest of the year for those of us fortunate enough to get the white stuff.  This is a ritual written for Imbolc in my neck of the woods, when we often see the last of the heavy snows, but is well suited for any late winter-early spring snowfall.

On a day when there is measurable snow, gather a bowlful before it melts and keep the resulting liquid it in a dark place in a ceramic or glass dish or bottle.  At Imbolc, or on your designated ritual night, pour the water into a scrying bowl.  This can be almost any plain bowl — you don’t want any decorations to distract you — and a dark bowl works better than a light one.  I used an old, dark wooden bowl.

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